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Your Personal Finance Comparison Site, CompareMoney welcomes you.

CompareMoney is a leading and trusted comparison engine, allowing consumers to compare products such as credit cards, personal loans, current accounts and insurance.

CompareMoney is designed and developed to enhance your financial expertise and to maximize your overall financial resources by empowering you to make smart decisions with sophisticated tools, news and information.

Our aim, at CompareMoney, is to put power back into the hands of every Singaporean to have better control over their finances and to manage their personal finance more intelligently.

To achieve this objective, CompareMoney partners with many of the leading financial institutions in Singapore, including banks, loan providers, insurance providers and other personal finance providers. CompareMoney accrues and integrates financial products with their relevant information into a single platform for comparison.

CompareMoney is an independent and dedicated multi-function online platform that has created an environment in which you will be able to discover, compare and decide upon financial products or services for your needs. Ours is a meticulous process that methodically gathers data and processes it further for you to analyze, learn and visualize daily money matters that affect you most.

On your behalf, we simplify the your search for financial products, helping you to find the products that best suit your needs. Our gateway saves you time and money whilst helping you make the right decisions, whether you are choosing a bank account, home or personal loan, travel insurance, car insurance or even a credit card.

Enjoy our free-to-use services and make smart decisions that will expand your financial puissance and spare you the regrets of a few years down the road.

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